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This is where you find information about the game of water polo.  We will put water polo resources here for you to study and examine.

Coaching Corner

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Download: USAWPCoachingManual.pdf

USA Water Polo

Coaching Manual  

Water Polo Research

Download: Sanders-egg-15-3-1999.pdf

Download: egg beater 3 .pdf

Download: egg beater tips .pdf

Download: Muscle of eggbeater used .pdf

Download: water polo shooting legs japan .pdf

Download: Gaining Weight.pdf

Download: AnatomicalShoulderMovementStrengthImbalanceAmongWaterPoloOverheadAthletes.pdf

Download: Arm_stroke_A_comparative_analysis_between_competit.pdf

Download: Diferential_analysis_of_the_guard_role_in_the_team.pdf

Download: Effects_of_Concurrent_Strength_and_High-Intensity_.pdf

USA Water Polo Tamas Farago Ball Handling